Online Services

Online Services

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Online Access to Clinical Documents

Updated 17/06/2024 – Due to an ongoing issue with our software provider for storing clinical documents since January 2024, Nunwell Surgery along with other GP Practices in Herefordshire made the decision to temporarily hide clinical documents from patient facing services, such as the NHS app or Patient Access, until the issue is resolved.

Once the issue is resolved, document viewing will become available again to all online users.

Other features of patient facing services should continue to work as usual, such as

  • Booking and managing your appointments
  • Repeat prescription ordering
  • Viewing your other health records (such as consultations and test results)
  • Contact your GP about a health problem

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.


Try the NHS App. If you’re a patient at our practice you can now use the new NHS App, a simple and secure way to access a range of NHS services on your smartphone or tablet. You can use the NHS App to get health advice, order repeat prescriptions, manage your hospital referrals, view your GP health record and more. If you already use Patient Access you can continue to use it but you can use the NHS App as well. For more information go to

What the NHS App does

  • get advice about coronavirus – get information about coronavirus and find out what to do if you think you have it.
  • order repeat prescriptions – see your available medicines, request a new repeat prescription and choose a pharmacy for your prescriptions to be sent to.
  • book appointments – search for, book and cancel appointments at your GP surgery, and see details of your upcoming and past appointments.
  • check your symptoms – search trusted NHS information and advice on hundreds of conditions and treatments, and get instant advice or medical help near you.
  • register your organ donation decision – choose to donate some or all of your organs and check your registered decision.
  • find out how the NHS uses your data – choose if data from your health records is shared for research and planning.
  • view parts of your GP record – including information about medication, allergies, vaccinations, previous illnesses and test results.
Quote / Testimonial:

If you’re a patient at our practice you can use the new NHS App, a simple and secure way to access a range of NHS services on your smartphone or tablet.

For more information go to

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Non-urgent advice: Having Problems?

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You can still contact the practice by phone or in person, this is just another option, which other patients have found is more convenient and saves them time. More information including “how to” leaflets and videos of patients and why they are using GP online services are available at

Online Requests

Patient Access

Online services allow you to:

  • book, check or cancel appointments with a GP, nurse or other healthcare professional 
  • order repeat prescriptions
  • see parts of your health record, including information about medicines, vaccinations and test results
  • see communications between your GP surgery and other services, such as hospitals

How to register for Online Services

If you have not used our online services before you will need to:

  • Contact the surgery by phone or in person
  • Verify your identity
  • Secure a username and password
  • Enter Patient Access and enter your registration details exactly as shown on the form.
  • After registering, log on with your username and password.

Linked Profiles / Proxy Access

As a parent, family member or carer, you may be able to manage services for another person by switching to their profile. This is also sometimes called having a linked profile or having proxy access.

It needs to be set up by a GP surgery where you and the other person are both registered. You can then switch profiles using the NHS App or by logging in through the NHS website. 

Please note the following:

  1. We do not grant proxy users access to detailed medical records. Only access to appointments, prescriptions and demographic data will be available.
  2. Access will be suspended automatically once a patient reaches the age of 11 until the account has been approved again by the Surgery
  3. For patients aged 11 to 12, an appointment with a GP will be required to discuss this access further
  4. Access will be revoked automatically once a patient reaches the age of 16.