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A veteran is anyone who has served a day or more in the UK Armed Forces and can be of any age, gender, sexuality, ethnicity and nationality. There are 1.74 million in England and research shows that many may be silently struggling with physical or mental health problems as they worry that they won’t be understood by civilian health and care professionals.

We may request a copy of your service medical record to better understand your needs and history.

Dr Joanna Goodman is our dedicated clinical lead for Veterans.

Further information of the support we can provide can be found here

OP Courage

OP COURAGE launched last March for patients in the UK who are veterans. This may be particularly relevant due to the current events in Ukraine. For those unfamiliar with the service, OP COURAGE is a specialist NHS mental health service designed to help serving personnel due to leave the military, reservists, veterans and their families. Patients can contact the service to make an appointment, or ask their GP, charity, family member or friend to do this.

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